Our Recruitment Services can help THE EMPLOYERS to connect with THE BEST TALENT.

Hetuh Consultancy Pvt Ltd is designed to offer a high-end service for large corporate houses and Fortune 500 MNC’s. We make sure that our recruitment policies and processes are constantly adapting and changing to meet the modern demands of each employer we work with and to help galvanize the entire system we work with to keep productivity high and success even higher. All our quality services make us the best recruitment consultancy company in Delhi NCR.

When it comes to hiring staff for a large corporates, finding the right candidates for the interviews is technical and need expertise knowledge. Hetuh Consultancy Private Limited is headed by Amit Verma, with rich experience as a HR Professional and Chartered Accountant, he can provide you with the answers you need to the positions that you have to fill.

Alongside Amit is a team of staff who were hand-picked for the quality and astute decision making that they bring to the job. We don’t hire people who could well in time – we bring in the finished article as an experience recruitment expert and make them even stronger. This means that we bring some of the widest ranges of experience you are likely to find or need within the recruitment industry.

We understand what the requirements will be for the post that you need to fill in – we will also be able to find somebody that can piece it all together and leave you with a system that is diligent and takes in every potential outcome that may arise from the choices we help you make. We are quality conscious as any poor recruitment choices we provide will affect everyone involved.

Therefore, we do our best to offer only advice that we can trust and back 100% with the full belief that who we recommend for your position is absolutely the right person for the job. With access to an incredible database of professionals taken from many different corporations and career paths, we will be able to find the hand-picked expert that your business requires with ease.

Hetuh Consultancy Pvt Ltd also provide a totally bespoke service to make sure that the requirements you set are adhered to 100%. We only hire members of staff who tick every box for you and make recommendations based on the qualities they have shown prior to coming to work for you at your business. If you need to find accomplished and trustworthy staff, then contact us today.

Why Work With Us?

Are you looking for the best recruitment company in Delhi NCR? You have come to the right place. Whether you are a business looking to get positions filled quickly and efficiently or a job seeker wanting to get employed by a reliable company, we are here to help. We invite you to take a look at the reasons why you really should work with us.


No Random Job Filling

As the best recruitment company in Delhi NCR, we do not just find people to randomly fill job posts. What we do is we get the specific needs of the client companies before matching people from the job seeker pool. No matter how many specialized skills you may be looking for in an employee, we can find it for you.

Strong Filtering Scheme for Both Clients and the Job Seekers

We care about our clients and the job seekers so we act as a strong filter, taking on only projects with clients that are legitimate and have a good background, and supplying employees that are of good standing and aptitude.

Satisfaction for Both Our Clients and Our Job Seekers

We take pride in ensuring that our clients are hiring people they will be satisfied with and that the candidates we will find for them will also find terms amenable with their set of skills and experience.

Timely Results and Rigorous Screening Processes

Leave all the screening to us and trust that we will be able to deliver results in the timeliest manner. We take every task as a challenge and we do not stop until it is fulfilled.


Well Trained Team of Recruiters

Being the best recruitment company in Delhi NCR, we have a team of experts in the field of recruitment. Our team is well trained in doing precise head hunting and continuous training is also being done for increased efficiency.

Excellent Communication and People Skills

Our team boasts of good communication skills, people skills, time management, marketing, and the ability to spot a job seeking candidate’s strengths, weaknesses, potentials, and uniqueness.

Different Screening Strategies and Various Recruitment Technologies

We also make use of different screening strategies and take advantage of the various technologies to reach a wider network to find the people needed for the employment opportunities.

Expert Choices

Expect that the people we consider for the jobs have the kind of expertise that you need. We pride ourselves in making the right matches that last.


Extended Support Even Post Headhunting

Our services do not end with headhunting and matching companies and employees. After all, recruitment operates on the premise of people so we take care of our clients and the candidates well.

Information Dissemination to Job Seekers

We give support to the job seekers as they go through the process of employment. We keep them properly informed of the steps and lend a hand processing pertinent documents. Should there be issues later on, our firm abides by post local laws to protect the interest of both our clients and the employees we provided them.

Support Always Open for Feedback and Inquiries

Our lines are always open for feedback and inquiries from both ends of the employment transactions.

Quick Response to Queries and Different Avenues Open for Communication

We make it a point to respond to queries as soon as possible and have different avenues open for communication. Feel free to visit us, call us, fax us, email us, or even leave a comment on this website if you have queries.

We believe in showing results rather than making promises. The best way to see exactly how our team gets it done is to work with us.

Our Fields of Expertise

Different Screening Strategies & Various Recruitment Technologies

We use different screening strategies & take advantage of the various technologies to reach a wide network

Strong filtering scheme for both Clients & the Job Seekers

We believe in “Right Person at the Right Job”. We provide candidates having good standing & aptitude

Trained Team of Recruiters

We know doing precise head hunting that makes us the leading recruitment company in Delhi & NCR