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The fact that you are called for an interview is really commendable. All you have to do is to ensure that you can answer most of the possible common interview questions if not all. No one can predict the exact question to be asked by the interviewer. The good thing is that you can find list of common questions and you can practice answering it. Your goal should be to formulate a response that is not scripted.

Common interview questions:

  1. What is your career goal five years henceforth? – The main intention of the interviewer is to know your personal goals, direction and drive. In this question, the applicant should be more specific in revealing the goal.
  2. What is your biggest achievement? – This is one of the common interview questions that can be predicted. The interviewer wants to know if you had achieved something significant. This is also a behavioral question that is why the applicant should answer in an articulate and organized manner.
  3. Give an example of how you think on your own. – If you were asked with this question, it evaluates your initiative, creativity and innovativeness. Thus, you should answer the interviewer that you have the ability to make creative solution that can address the customer’s problems.
  4. What is the negative thing that your former boss had said about you? – This is one of the many interview questions and answers that an applicant should anticipate. This would test your weaknesses and should use approach that would turn your weaknesses into strengths.
  5. How can you be an asset for the company? – This is one of the most significant questions asked by interviewers. It is a sort of comparing yourself with other applicants. Thus, the applicant should respond in a manner that would sum up his or her selling points that are relevant to the job being applied for.
  6. Tell me about the time you failed – This question would test you what you have learned from an awry situation and how you handled it. There is nothing wrong about failing, the important thing is that you learned lesson from the mistake.
  7. Is there a time when you experienced major hurdle at work? – Just like the other frequent interview questions, this one would test your ability in overcoming major hindrances at work. The applicant can answer this by including analysis done and the strategic results as well as the actions performed.
  8. How do you address conflict? – Conflict is apparent in any workplace that is why every applicant should have the ability to deal with it. This question evaluates your ability in handling such situation. That is why your response should be using constructive techniques.
  9. What is your work style? – This is an open-ended question in which the interviewer wants to know how articulate you are in performing your job. As an applicant, you should be specific in giving your answer at the same time back it up with example.
  10. What makes you interested in this organization? – This simply asks you why you apply in the company. Make sure to present your reason in a way that would benefit your future employer.

In order to answer efficiently common interview questions, an applicant should know himself or herself and the position being applied for. This can help in expanding your responses.

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