Common mistakes in an interview and how to avoid them

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Determining the common mistakes in an interview should be given attention by an applicant. Job interview is an integral part in applying for a job. It is as important as the resume that is why the applicant should ensure to do his or her best to impress the interviewer. Keep in mind that first impression lasts and this would seal the applicant’s fate.

It does not necessarily mean to master the concepts of an interview because it is easier said than done. It is because each interviewer differs from one another so as with the applicants. Naturally, job seekers commonly make mistakes during the interview that make them fail. Thus, knowing those common mistakes can help in avoiding them and eventually pass the interview. These are both verbal and non-verbal mistakes.

5 Common Non-Verbal Interview mistakes

  1. Eye contact – One of the non-verbal common mistakes in an interview is the failure to communicate with eye contact and almost 67% of applicants do this mistake.
  2. Not smiling – Normally, nervousness overrides a smile that would make a negative interpretation. A smile can convey that you are enthusiastic about the opportunity.
  3. Fidgeting – Thirty-three percent of job applicants made the mistake of fidgeting. This is the act of playing with the clothing and fingers when feeling uneasy.
  4. Poor posture – as you appear for an interview, make sure to show good posture because it will project overall demeanor.
  5. Weak handshake – Keeping a firm handshake with the interviewer will make you remembered because of such gesture. On the other hand, a weak handshake may show that an applicant is not that interested of attending the interview.

5 Common Verbal Interview mistakes

  1. Failure to be assertive – Appearing to be aggressive and arrogant is one of the mistakes in an interview. However, being assertive can take you a long way because an interviewer or the company would hire someone who gives assurance of working harder and staying longer.
  2. Failing to make yourself stand out among others – No one is perfect, but in seeking for an employment it is important to make yourself stand out among others. Show your strengths and look for something unique that you can place on the table.
  3. Inadequate research – To avoid common interview mistakes, it is important for the applicant to do research in order to know the information about the company as well as the job description. You can do this by visiting the website of the company and this will give you huge points.
  4. Focusing too much on your needs – Although you need the job, but you should also consider how you can be an asset to the company and how you can help the organization in resolving issues.
  5. Lacking warmth and humor – You should not let your nervousness affects your warmth and humor. Stay calm and be polite in talking.

The time your future employer was impressed about your qualification, you should be prepared to be called for an interview. Keep in mind that this is your time to shine and you should not waste the opportunity, thus by knowing the pointers to avoid common interview mistakes you can ensure smooth flow of interview.

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