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Looking for an employment is not an easy task that is why it is essential to have thorough preparation and know the Do’s and Don’t for an Interview. Preparing for an interview involves a lot that should be given attention. Keep in mind that not all interviews are the same that is why constant preparation should be done to ensure success. Anyone who is going to a job interview who is not prepared may suffer the consequences knowing that undergoing job interview is an intimidating experience. Thus, if you want to stand out among other applicants, the best thing to do is to prepare for the things to do in an interview.

As a part of the preparation, you should know the do’s and don’t for an interview. There are plenty of ideas that can help you in the preparation and it should be done ahead of time. Otherwise, if you will prepare just in time you may find yourself cramming and this would not help. Therefore, as soon as you are notified about the interview schedule you should start the preparation.

DO’s during the interview

Knowing the things to do in an interview is a great help to succeed. Here are some tips that can ease your worries and make you relax during the interview.

  • Dress appropriately – Personal cleanliness and grooming plays significant role in an interview. Make sure to dress appropriately such as in corporate attire to show the interviewee that you are presentable.
  • Know the location and time – One of the common mistakes that most applicants committed is arriving late on the interview. To avoid this situation, you should know the exact location and time of the interview. Make sure to arrive early at least 10 minutes prior so that you still have time to fix yourself.
  • Practice respect and courtesy – As soon as arrive in the place, you should show and practice respect and courtesy to all the people around because there are instances in which their opinions are solicited in making the hiring decisions. Once you are inside the interview room, make eye contact, offer firm handshake and make friendly expression when greeting your interviewer.
  • Listen and understand – Listening is essential to know the correct name of the interviewer and always address the interviewer with his or her last name and appropriate title.

DON’Ts during the interview

To ace the interview and impress the interviewer, the applicant should know the things not to do in an interview.

  • Do not make excuses for your actions and decisions.
  • Do not submit falsified application materials and never give untrue information. You should also avoid making negative comments to your previous employers.
  • Do not show your interest for the salary and geographical location because it will reflect negative impression. On the other hand, you should not show desperate enough to take the employment.
  • Do not entertain any text message or call from your cellphone. As much as possible it is turned off. Do not chew gum and see to it that you do not smell like smoke.

As long as you know the do’s and don’t for an interview you can ensure passing it. The most important thing to keep in mind is to be you and be honest on all that you have said and done.

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