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Nowadays, lots of graduates are applying and they are looking for a job. With the tough competition, it is really hard to get hired in just one try. In fact, there are many factors to consider being qualified and it should be addressed. Considering helpful interview tips and tricks that can impress the interviewee and gets you hired.

Quick and useful Interview Tips and tricks


One of the many mistakes that applicants usually make is in terms of the resume or the CV. Although you have impressive qualifications, you should also ensure to submit a resume that will stand out among other applicants. Make sure that it will grab the attention of the interviewer.


Before applying and attending an interview, make sure to know some relevant information about the company and position that you want to apply. The interviewee will be impressed if the applicant knows the quote statistics, revenue numbers and backgrounds of the executives.


Visualizing your interview can help so that you can perform well. Prior to the interview, you should not only practice how to face an interview but you should also rehearse how you will present and answer the questions. This will reduce nervousness thus makes you more confident and comfortable.


It is recommended to wear the appropriate attire required by the company during the interview. Being well-groomed is an additional point, make sure you are fresh breath, no chewing gum and do not use strong cologne or perfume. Your appearance also includes standing tall and straight, head high, relaxed and slight smile.


Introducing yourself to the interviewer is one of the important interview tips and tricks to consider. Ensure eye contact during the introduction and wait for the interviewer to initiate handshake.


Aside from your appearance it is also necessary to ensure that your body language conveys positive impression. Eye contact is essential when speaking with the interviewer and stay alert throughout the interview. Never show any restlessness or tiredness and do not use casual words.

Take notes:

Another effective way to prepare for an interview is to ensure bringing all the necessary things with you. Taking notes during the interview is a great edge that is why you can bring a portfolio or notepad. This shows interest and attention to all the details the interviewer is saying.

Prepare for behavioral or situational questions:

Behavioral interviewing is one of the techniques that most companies employ. These questions require the applicants to provide certain situations that they have encountered. Keep in mind that it is hard to come up good examples on the spot that is why determining examples prior to the interview can make you far better.

Focus on your strength:

All of us have our own strengths and weaknesses. During the interview it is important to focus more on the strength so that the interviewer will know if you are qualified or not for the position you are applying for.

Forbidden topics:

Talking about money, overtime, benefits and the likes should be avoided during the first interview unless the interviewer does so.

Above all, the most important interview tips and tricks that applicants should remember is to follow up at least 24 hours after the interview. This can also be the best time to show your interest for the job opportunity

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