Corporate Training Services in Delhi & NCRCorporate Training

Corporate Training and workshop sessions are an essential part of corporate training in Delhi. Group discussions, brainstorming session, and case studies are some of the most essential aspects of corporate training companies in Delhi.

We strive to assist your business in turning big projects into solid and substantial results. Our company provides custom made corporate training solution by means of state of the art, example based education, and communication approach. Our corporate training solutions are personalized for each instance, so talk to us to know how we can assist you address your issues in the desired budget.

Our fields of expertise include Finance for non-finance training, MS-Excel training, internal brand engagement, improving your staff related procedures, educating clients and many more. These custom made solutions develop competence and confidence. In the end, in order to have a successful business, you have to educate your people first. With regards to corporate training, think about your implementation partner and individual champion.

Finance for Non- Finance Training

At the time of this great successful training, managers without or had small financial training know how to utilize the tools, language, and strategies of finance. Managers will be capable to return to their company with self- confidence to analyze financial data and completely participate in making company decisions.

Key Advantages and Takeaways

  • You will know the distinction between profit and cash flow
  • Know the cost structure, and its significance for planning and pricing
  • Where detail comes from for good decisions
  • Key ratios such as leverage, ROI and profitability
  • Extend the usage of financial language and numbers
  • Common tradition improve morale, results as well as decision making
  • Make an ordinary understanding of the business tactical position
  • Make support for your decision making.

MS Excel Training

We claim ourselves as the best providers of MS Excel training in Delhi. Our MS-excel training is made around typical instructor led classroom teaching. Those enrolling on our courses will get Training CD with large number of Case-Study and Illustrations, making sure that they get the highest degree of learning.

Maybe the biggest benefit of our training is that all these programs are based on real scenario business problems that occur in our day to day working.

Why Choose Hetuh Consultancy?

Our unusual solutions are exclusive and exceptional to your business need. To examine your company requirement, our team of expert trainers will visit your office so as to make a custom made corporate training, finance for non-finance training, and MS Excel training. Since our exception, we successfully completed more than 500 business development plans to big companies and government associations.

While instructor led classroom learning accounts in the mainstream of the program we provide, our company offer onsite training in India.


Our Fields of Expertise

Different Screening Strategies & Various Recruitment Technologies

We use different screening strategies & take advantage of the various technologies to reach a wide network

Strong filtering scheme for both Clients & the Job Seekers

We believe in “Right Person at the Right Job”. We provide candidates having good standing & aptitude

Trained Team of Recruiters

We know doing precise head hunting that makes us the leading recruitment company in Delhi & NCR