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You have worked hard sending resumes, attended job fairs and networked in order to find your dream job. Receiving phone call inviting you for an interview would make you realize that you have gone one step in realizing your dream. What to do just before the interview is one of the things that come in mind upon receiving the notice. You had prepared a perfect resume and now you need to prepare for an interview.

Things to do before the interview

Review the resume:

It is important to review your resume so that you will know which one had caught the attention of the recruiter. This can also help in understanding the interviewer’s point of view.

Get online:

As the internet helps you in preparing personalized cover letter, it can also help you in visiting the website of the company you are applying for so that you can check for some relevant information. Before attending the interview you should know the corporate officers, company’s annual report and current press releases.


Knowing the things to do before the interview will make you more confident. Likewise, the knowledge you have is a great help in responding confidently. The applicant should know the products and services of the company as well as the procedures and protocols. It shows that you are proactive and have focus on important details. This will make positive impression to your part.

Rehearse for the Interview:

Rehearsing for the interview can help to make you at ease. You can write down typical questions about the company and profession. From that you can come up with witty and insightful thoughts that you can use in answering the interviewer.

Develop your list for the Interview:

The interview is a sort of getting to know the applicant. That is why you have also the right to ask for some questions. Listing the questions should be included on what to do just before the interview. While you are asking relevant questions, you should be ready in picking up the comments of the interviewer.

Dress appropriately for the Interview:

In attending for an interview, the applicant should dress for success. This means that you should dress up with the recommended attire and ensure that it looks good on you.

Get proper haircut:

Aside from passing the interview, another thing that an applicant should remember before the interview is to get proper haircut so that you will look presentable. This will also make you look and feel successful.

Practice visualization:

Other things to do before interview is to visualize yourself just like sitting in front of the interviewer. This will aid in keeping your mind set so that you become confident during the actual day of the interview.

Gather materials:

Gathering the materials and placing them in an accessible briefcase is another important thing to do prior to the interview.

Have a sound sleep:

you have prepared everything and the last thing you need to do is to ensure having a sound sleep.

What to do during the interview depends on all the preparations you took prior to the given schedule. As long as you observe all those pointers you can ensure of getting hired.

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